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Illustrator & Graphic Designer

J. P. Sartre: NO EXIT
Artist’s Book & Animated Film, June 2016

Artist's book No Exit is a secret little object (8x12 cm) and an interactive instrument. The user has to tear apart the 1st chapter of the book with the paper knife, to enter the room of Sartre’s hell and to be able to start the reading the book. Main characters Garcin, Estelle and Inez are punished by being locked together into a room. They discover that they are stuck in eternity of hell to be one another's torturers.

On the back cover of the book is The Ticket to Hell, which leads the reader to the animated film No Exit. Collaboration of the book-object and the animated film gives the user (reader or onlooker) experience of some of the existential ideas of Jean Paul Sartre.

Animated film is a trailer for the artist's book No Exit, where main characters confirm their sins from their previous life. Animated film is also searching for its experimental form of expression to show interpretation of Sartre’s hell. Typography in the film completely cooperates with the image. I made a kinetic typeface, where parts of letters are turned on and off, to give titles the impression of a beating light sign. Especially for the animated film, experimental music was made by Rory Greenaway to boost odd, unusual feelings and feelings of uneasiness.

︎ To enter No Exit you need The Ticket to Hell with the code infinity666.

︎Project J. P. Sartre: No Exit, artist’s book and animated film is my master thesis created in 2016 by the mentorship of professor Radovan Jenko at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana and by mentorship of professor Maciej Buszewicz at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
© 2024 Hana Jesih

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