Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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︎︎︎ Ciciban Illustrations for Magazine
︎︎︎ Days of Poetry & Wine Illustrations
︎︎︎ Cultural Routes in Slovenia E-book 
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︎︎︎ Slovene National Theatre Creative Lead

︎︎︎ na tak dan najbolj trpi mastercard Book
︎︎︎ Impressions Artist’s Book
︎︎︎ In The Embrace of a Trigger Identity 
︎︎︎ No Exit Artist’s Book & Animated Film
︎︎︎ Dialogue Funzine
︎︎︎ Tristan and Isolde Poster
︎︎︎ The Faces of Racism Revealed Poster 
︎︎︎ The Stranger Artist’s Book
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Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Hana Jesih is an illustrator and a graphic designer. She is co-founder and an art director of the independent publishing house HiBird Books, where its mission is to invent special kinds of book projects. She also loves to research, make mind-maps, visual shortcuts and draw unusual creatures. She doesn’t like trends, rather creates her own.


Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Slovenian Cinematheque, Založba Pivec, Beletrina Publishing Press, Mladinska Knjiga Publishing House, Cultural Bazaar, Cankarjev dom - Cultural and Congress Centre, Ski Association of Slovenia, Production Sever & Sever, Centre for Slovene as a Second & Foreign Language, Divja Misel, Institute 0.1, Production ZVVIKS, Iridium Film


26. 9.–1. 10. 2023, Presentation of Radovedko, Zagreb Design Week, Croatia

16. 2.–2. 4. 2023, Tu nas najdete, Group exhibition of young illustrations, Center of Illustration, Ljubljana

21. 2.–31. 8. 2022, Presentation of picture book Fant iz papirja, Virtual Illustrators Wall, online exhibition of illustrators, Bologna Book Fair

1.–6. 9. 2020, Presentation of Gamebook, Zagreb Design Week, Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, Zagreb, Croatia

9. 3.–7. 4. 2020, Widows and an Orphan, New wave of visual communication artists, group exhibition, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana


Birds in the Wind, illustration published in Childrens Magazine Ciciban, Finalists in category Publishing, Hiii Illustration International competition 2022, China

Magazine Radovedko, Finalist, Zagreb Design Week 2023, Croatia

Special Recognition of the new path to innovation in addition to the nomination for the Kristina Brenkova Award for the original Slovenian picture book 2021, Slovenia

ZGDW Award 2020, 2nd Place, Zagreb Design Week 2020, Croatia

Brumen Recognition for Exellent Slovenian Design 2019, Slovenia



2013-2016 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University Ljubljana / 2014-2015 Erasmus Exchange, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych, Warsaw, Poland

2009-2013 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University Ljubljana / 2012-2013 Erasmus Exchange, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, Germany

Full CV available on request. Always open for a collaboration or commissions.
︎ hana.jesih@gmail.com / ︎ hanajesih  / ︎ Hana Jesih / ︎  Hana Jesih

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