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Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Albert Camus: THE STRANGER
Artist’s Book, Bachelor Thesis, 2013

An artist’s book is the interpretation of Albert Camus’s The Stranger. It was made seven original copies, each book has handmade Leporello binding. Design challenge was the 10 meter long horizontal layout for each part of the book, where rhythm played the main role. The 1st part of the book concentrates on the physical experience of the main character Meursault. Every chapter has its own rhythm and illustrations have a special bond to expressive typography. Meursault in the 2nd part of the book is imprisoned. The rhythm there is passive, the boxes of text are stuck in a black surface. Pagination is going reversed from 86 to 0, down to the last breath of the main character.

︎Artist’s book The Stranger got the Award for the special achievement at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana.

︎Project Albert Camus: The Stranger, artist’s book is my bachelor thesis created in 2013 by the mentorship of professor Radovan Jenko at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana.
© 2024 Hana Jesih

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