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Illustrator & Graphic Designer

KEKEC & Book Collection The Lighthouse
client: Založba Pivec, 2020

KEKEC, Josip Vandot, publisher: Založba Pivec, 2020, ISBN: 9789617103021

Book collection the Lighthouse is a collection of classical youth literature. It includes texts from the Slovenian and world treasuries and is intended for children aged 8+. The lighthouse as an object is meant to glow in the dark and lead to a safe bay. In the figurative meaning the classical literary works in the Lighthouse collection show children the way, accompany them, educate them, and take them into the world of values. The lighthouse sign is placed on the back of the book and it directs a beam of light onto the cover of the book. 

Book spines and book covers scheme, the Lighthouse collection

The design concept of book covers brings together image and type: the collage illustration collaborates with the typeface Katka, which is entirely cut-out of paper. This particular typeface supports a wide range of dingbats (special characters), which are significant for each book of Lighthouse collection. Each book in the collection has its own primary colour and special characters, which are determined according to the content of the book. 

A typical arrangement of elements on the book cover, the Lighthouse collection

Some typical pages, the Lighthouse collection 

The first book from the Lighthouse collection is Kekec by Josip Vandot (2020).

Kekec, a book cover

Kekec, the illustration on the endpapers

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