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Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Pravljični studio - Škatla s pripovedovalskimi orodji, product design and management of product manufacturing, 2023

The box is a set of three storytelling tools made to encourage verbal and visual storytelling in kindergartens and schools. It contains 10 story cubes, story transparencies, a map The land of Slovenian folk tales and a booklet with instructions and additional content. The boxes were made by Slovenian manufacturers from high-quality, child-safe materials, and are made to last. The idea and the concept of the project is created by Špela Frlic and all the spectacular illustrations are made by Matija Medved. My role was to combine everything in a neatly designed box and also to find manufacturers, to work with them, and to develop the product to its final form.

︎ More about the product at Pravljični studio

Founders of Institute 0.1, portrait illustrations, 2021

︎ Institute 0.1

DAVP - Društvo avdiovizualnih producentov Slovenije, web design, client: The Association of audiovisual producers of Slovenia, 2020


Zabelov Group, appointMENT #3, LP album for the music poster / art print, 2019

Medprostor, christmas postcard, client: Medprostor, 2018

Vinoteka Sodček, web design, wine shop, client: Vinoteka Sodček, 2017

Boris Jesih - Academic Painter & Graphic Artist, portfolio, web design, 2017

︎ www.borisjesih.si

Torzo, poster for the show, client: Institute 0.1 / Zavod 0.1, 2017

︎ About Torso

Schedule Planner ZVVIKS (2017-2021), client: Zavod ZVVIKS, 2017


Planica, Ski Jumping World Cup, web design, client: Ski Association of Slovenia (SAS) / Smučarska zveza Slovenije, 2017

Medprostor, christmas postcard, client: Medprostor, 2017

Kinotečnik, magazine of Slovenian Cinematheque, editorial design in colloboration with Eva Mlin, client: Slovenian Cinematheque / Slovenska kinoteka, 2017-2018

Re-design of a magazine Kinotečnik for the Slovenian Cinematheque was made in 2017. Publication presented the Slovenian Cinematheque, their events and their program of cinema auditorium. It also included critiques and reports on old and contemporary films. Each Kinotečnik has a different main topic. Collage-cover & typography for titles were visually based on the theme of the selected issue.

Animated Film 2014–2018, a catalogue of Slovenian Animated Film, editorial design, 2014

︎ Catalogue.pdf

Iridium Film, Identity, 2015

They make a film scanning, a film digitalization, a digital restoration, colour grading and a digital remastering for the motion picture films. Animated logotype resambles their work process.

POT V RAJ Sailing To Paradise
Movie titles and animation for end credits, client: Sever & Sever Production, September 2014

︎ More about film Pot v raj

Portrait of Santa, Christmas card, technique: wood cut
Erasmus Exchange, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, Germany, 2012

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